Omar in His Gold Sequined Jacket

Frank, in his infamous role as Omar Ricard as seen in his dressing room at his 40's apartment in his gold sequin jacket that Kenny Cox gave him (not the Cox style). The gold sequins are REAL.This is a handcolored silver photograph printed full-frame on 20x24 heavy photo paper archivally processed from a Hasselblad negative.Signed AND DATED-very dated! Image is 18.5" square in a 24"x28" black metal frame.


Assension of Miss Liberty

Painted in acrylics on heavy belgian linen-the best, stretchers are heavy duty, painting is texturous with pearlescents, metallics and REAL glitter. It is 3ftx3ft, no frame.I knew that by painting this painting I would be freed from my waitress job.


Birth of Miss Liberty

Handcolored silver photograph printed full-framed, processed archivally in excess of museum standards on 20x24 fiberbased doubleweight, photographic paper, from a Hasselblad 2.25 negative. Materials used include oils, pencils, flourescent paints, genuine glitter. Image is 19.5" square in a Gold painted wooden frame 33.5"x29.5". This piece hung in the O'Farrel Gallery in Brunswick FOR YEARS!



Fingerpainted portrait of the actor in character (not sure which). Frank is seated in his Deco Art apartment seen in the background.The painting is approximately 4x4 feet painted in acrylics on masonite and framed. The painting continues onto the thick wood frame. It is pictured here in my kitchen area. I will do the same deal as below for delivery. I will not be sending these to Hawaii or Alaska or Tibet.


Doubletop Mountain

Fingerpainting of Doubletop Mountain as seen from Nesowadnehunk Stream campground in Baxter Park in Maine wilderness area. Painting done in oils on masonite. It is 4x4 feet plus a frame. Colors are pale toned in blues and greens. At $50.00 per square foot plus frame. This is the price if you come and take it off the wall yourself. I will deliver it myself if you are within 500 miles and give me a place to sleep and lunch-really!


Harrington Lake-My First Fingerpainting-since H.S.

This painting is 4ftx4ft painted in oils on masonite and framed with heavy wooden frame. It is a representation of the shore of my favorite lake with it's landlocked "dri-ki" (the loggers name for driftwood. Of course, "driftwood" is the tourist word for "dri-ki", which is really weathered worn pieces of wood that was leftover from harvesting trees and found in and around lakes).Dri-ki is fast disappearing as people collect it to sell and display as souveneers.


Cobscook Bay

Painting in pinks and greys and pastels of the coast of Maine with washed up seaweed. This is on canvas with heavy-duty stretchers and a thick gold metal frame.


Self Portrait Collage

This is a lazer print of a collage. It began as a polaroid, then painted and combined with various materials. It is approximatel 11x17 inches with a margin.This is here selling as a lazer print.


The Tree

A large work in progress. This is a digital print produced on watercolor paper. It is being handcolored. It is 27.25"Wx29"H inches with no mat or frame.This is a large impressive piece and is in progress. This tree is a theme with me. I have done it in many ways, always a new interpretation.

Newsowadnehunk Deadwater in Marbled Arch

This is an iron-toned silver photograph is printed full-frame on 11x14 photographic paper. The mat is creatively hand marbled with oils whilst in a class at Deer Isle Haystack School of Crafts. It is not a subtle piece. The marbled pieces are mathmatically and symmetrically glued together to simulate inlaid marble. It is in a blue mat to compliment it. It has a Rococco decorative feel. No frame.


Kenny Cox

Star of Stage and Scream

Local, talented, good 'ol boy musician whom, I thought really needed a poster for in the window where he was playing in town. He is pictured here in a way we all recognize him. Poster is on 100% rag acid-free 4-ply board, suitable for framing. Image is about 20"Wx24"H.

$325.00-as is in plastic wrap

Homage to Andy

Edition of 25

Framed in simple black metal frame, matted.Image was a collaboration. Ray O'Farrell had taken the photo and it was an out of focus 35mm black and white image not worth conventional printing. I was asked to jaz it up. It has FABULOUS PRESENCE. Striking even from far away. It is a full 20"x24" printed image in a 24"x30" frame.



Handcolored silver print with genuine glitter on the masks. Summer was a magical girl. Here she was playing with masks the children had made. This was taken as we sat at the breakfast table. I just takes me away in a dream like the fairy tales are all a little bit truer and close at hand. Image is approximately 18" square and framed in oak with large double 4-ply mat.


War of Worlds

Done in acrylics on the heaviest most expensive belgiam linen copper tacked to heavy duty stretchers and framed in a wide gold metal frame.This is a wild colored painting done partly with fingers and partly hard edged. I was having a war on the canvas with softness of blending and placing divergent colors with hard edges. I enjoyed all of it, though it is not a subtle piece. The sky and water have things in common that the trees and rocks don't possess. Maybe it was not a war at all, but a seeing of something grand-a mix of strengths whose glue keeps it all together. Hey-don't let me keep you from seeing something else! Those artists do just carry on about wild and crazy things.


Orange Finger Painting of Harrington Lake

Harrington Lake is one of my favorite places when no one is there. I can feel the trees bow in a welcome when I show up. They know me well.This is framed in an elegant wide gold wooden frame.It is painted on masonite and the painting is 2ftx2ft.


The National Treasure behind the fridge

Fingerpainting in island colors, though it is a view of Squaw's Bosom Mountain from the north in the North Maine Woods. It is acrylics, including pearlescent, on masonite, 4ftx4ft, framed in a pink wooden frame.


Wind Over Water

Wind Over Water is an image that I will play with my whole life. It is my core and seed image.It is the last piece in the book, , elsewhere on this site.Though the book is an edition of 12 books, the last image is designated as unlimited. It is the spirit of the piece. I have painted it, I have drawn it and will always be inspired by this simple image. I was transported far away when I stood there and took the photo. There was music of another world. The air was different. The ground was new. The photo is only in focus where the wind blew over a spot on the surface of the water. OOPS, here we go again. This particular image is-well, cannot find it at the moment!